Multidisciplinary publisher book marketing works for book marketing in book market of various famous cities of Uttar Pradesh through direct employees to get your book put in place, so that branding of your book and as per the demand of the reader, reach your nearest city in various ways. Marketing and advertisements are done from time to time through the book fair, as well as the feedback of the author of the book and the writing style of the book by the reader is also taken so that the book can be made better in the coming time. At present, a multidisciplinary publisher has definitely established a direct network in the book market all over India, so that your book can be easily imported and exported all over India.
Not sure how to sell or plan your upcoming launch of the book? At Multidimensional Publications, you can choose the marketing service as per your goals and where every service is focused on some key areas to take advantages of promoting your books at its best.
Whether you have just started writing or a professional, our guidance and marketing strategies can help you to establish your online presence on a global level.

How can a book marketer help me?
Multidimensional Publications Online Book Marketing provide best marketing services to our authors.Thera are wide range of book marketing activities

•Books Review & Press Release
SEO benefit is provided to your book by drafting and availability of Books Reviews & Press Release about your books over leading online Blogger portals.

Charges: 2000 INR

•Books Video Trailer

Do more than just tell your story. A professionally-produced author book video shows your target audience what it is all about as your story cinematically unfolds before their very eyes .

Charge: 5000 INR for 1 one Minute

•Direct Marketing

Sometimes a little can go a long way. Add new dimensions to your personal promotions with bookmarks, postcards, or business cards to market your book to colleagues, contacts and friends.

Charges: 3000 INR.

•Marketing Campaigns

If you’re planning your upcoming book launch, we’ll focus on suggesting ideas for your overall strategy and timeline, tips to establish your online presence, and planting your stake in the ground with effective content marketing.

•Amazon Prime Placement

MDP have noticed that this strategy helps increase sales as readers are more likely to buy a books that is Fulfilled by Amazon. Amazon Prime Placement also enables free shipping for subscribers of Amazon’s Prime program. Your book will be listed as a Prime item on for three months from the date of publishing.

Charges: 3000 INR/Month.

•Amazon Kindle Promotion

Make your books available kindle. Amazon is one of the largest booksellers in Globe. A kindle campaign enables you to build-up marketing buzz for your book.

Charges: 2000 INR.

•Good reads Account Setup

Multidimensional Publication will create Author account and publish books on Goodreads.

Charges: 2000 INR

Add-on Book Marketing Packages India

₹ 9,999
₹ 29,999
Book Distribution National Level International Level
Social Media Paid Promotion 2 Weeks 5 Weeks
Social Media Banner 1/Day 2/Day
Press Release 2 5
Business Cards 100 250
Book Reviews 8 14
Author Interviews Yes Yes
Blog Tour 2 Portal 5 Portal
Author Website Add-on Yes
Video Trailer Add-On Yes
Email marketing 2000 Ids 5500 Ids
Kindle Promotions 2 weeks 5 Weeks
Goodreads book listing Add-on Yes
Goodreads author profile Add-On Yes