About M.D.P.

Established in 30 May 2017, Multidimensional Publications is the market leading publishing house in the domain of educational texts as well as academic and competitive books in varied streams that include, but are not limited to, science and mathematics at all levels of academic life. Our publication house is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and well rounded study materials for competitive exams as well as for normal studies with the purpose of enhancing one’s knowledge.


High quality authorship is the hallmark of Multidimensional Publications, and it is all due to the efforts of the highly esteemed and well-educated authors who are associated with reputed institutions like Indian Institute of Technology as well as multiple acclaimed educational societies in India as well as abroad.


Multidimensional Publication undertakes customized publishing and printing project for educational Institutions specializing in imparting academic skills of varied levels, ranging from scholastic curricula to diploma and degree programs. Multidimensional Publication’s team consists of highly talented and accomplished experts from different academic fields and research backgrounds who hold esteemed positions like doctors, research associates and scientists to name a few.


Multidimensional Publication’s website (www. multidpublication.in) is very user friendly and is updated regularly to keep the readers up to date with the latest innovations and productive changes happening in their areas of interest.


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