Multifunctional Publisher also gives you the facility of book editing in the cheapest way, according to your opinion, any page of the entire book can be edited, back and forth, small, up and down, providing images and different types of formatting designing according to your title. For your book according to the title which you have given, the facility of editing the main page has been kept very simple and cheap as compared to other publishers.
With us MDP, you can hire an experienced book editor for boosting your writing career at the world-class prices. Self-published authors can work with the top flight editors just by selecting the type of book editing service and uploading the world document on our website
Convert hand writing to Book form(Typing)
Multidimensional Publications Press provide Manuscript Conversion services on best price choose services according to your needs.
Charges 10 INR /Page

MDP editing team will convert your script in standerd book layout.Book editing service is getting popular with time. Under this service, your manuscript will not only be thoroughly editted, our expert editors will also make the language crisp, partly rewrite it and make situational changes. Your writing will come out shining like those of professionals.

Charges: 30 INR/pages